Give Your Ideas Away

March 17, 2016
There is nothing of tangible value there yet. Could one of my contacts steal the idea? Absolutely. Could they execute it? Who know...
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Today Is The Best Day Of Your Life

March 01, 2016
When you watch reality TV singing shows, the hopefuls tend to be starry eyed dreamers, who’ll look into the camera and say “I’ve a...
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Stop Trying To Be Somebody

February 29, 2016
They’re waiting for someone to make them into Singers. With the lifestyle, and the glamour to boot. They don’t want to do somethin...
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We all work in massively megalithic offices

February 28, 2016
I love Slack. It’s a handy, lightweight way to reach people you work with, wherever you are. But I also find myself closing it fro...
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